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Online Questionnaire Methodology

EDAC's questionnaires are completed 'server side', which means that the questionnaires are held on our servers, and nothing is placed on candidates' computers.

Holding the questionnaires 'server side' has the additional benefit of maintaining a very high level of data security.

We have chosen this solution to avoid conflicts with corporate firewalls, and other emerging security regimes.

We feel it is important to be able to reassure potential corporate users that offering access to EDAC questionnaires will not impose any risk to the integrity of their networks.


EDAC currently offers three instruments

The instruments may be applied individually or as a package. The greatest benefit will be gained from the full analysis provided by the complete suite, but there will be occasions when the application of specific instruments is more appropriate or simply more cost-effective.

LPAŽ - comprehensive and integrated psychometric tool

LPA is a sophisticated, integrated linked personal appreciation that combines 6 questionnaires to measure 29 personal characteristics. The computer program offers comprehensive screen-based feedback, supported by a series of narrative reports. The program also includes a powerful suite of management utilities. These utilities cover Team Analysis, Profiling, and Statistical Analysis for analysing underlying trends.

MCPAŽ - identification of capability and potential

MCPA is a computer-based variant of the full Career Path Appreciation, an interview process originally developed by Bioss in the UK.  MCPA is used to identify candidates' current level of capability and the potential for this to grow over time. MCPA also measures what we term 'Flow' - that is to say how well their capabilities match their current responsibilities in the company or organisation.

ELDI - comprehensive performance report with Emotional Development indicators

ELDI is a 360-degree report that uses a 119 item questionnaire to draw data from superiors, peers, reports, and external assessors (if required) together with self-report. ELDI looks at 16 qualities known to be relevant to success at senior management levels.  The ELDI qualities cover both positive and negative aspects of performance, making this instrument a powerful measure of Emotional Development. ELDI may also be customised to reflect user-defined quality schemes. It includes integrated statistics for validating quality schemes.