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The ELDI is a powerful research-based 360 degree performance report, which uses an online questionnaire to take candidates through 119 items in up to 45 minutes. The ELDI draws on the observations of a candidate's superiors, peers, reports, and external raters (if appropriate) as well as self-report to create a rich mosaic of a candidate's potential for thinking and managing at senior levels.

The default version of the ELDI looks at 16 qualities which have been found to be critical to high level leadership and management effectiveness. Comparing superiors', peers' and reports' views of a candidate on these qualities with the candidate's view of himself or herself, will show clearly if the candidate has any blind spots, and if so how significant these may be. 

ELDI Quality Framework
 Skills & Attributes  Personal Attributes  Inhibitors
 Professional Ability
 Conceptual Flexibility
 Long-Term Vision
 Conceptual Skill
 Political Alertness
 Interpersonal Skills
 Empowering Subordinates
 Initiative & Commitment
 Professional Shortcomings

ELDI is an unusually powerful instrument because it examines both positive and negative aspects of performance. This brings into play the important issue of Emotional Development. ELDI also references the results to the raters' perceptions of the relevance of the chosen quality framework - this validates the relevance of the qualities chosen. The ELDI is designed to accept, and where necessary validate, any combination of qualities and questions.

ELDI produces a comprehensive report that presents the results of each group of raters (self, and up to 4 superiors, 6 peers, 8 reports, and external raters) - present or former, graphically against each of the 16 qualities. It also provides graphical summaries to highlight any significant variations between the candidate's self-assessment and the scores awarded by the other raters. ELDI makes a powerful contribution to executive development and clearly identifies behaviour that inhibits the effective working of management teams.

The ELDI program is held by consultants, or by company or organisation HR professionals. Candidates complete the questionnaire online, with results delivered electronically to the consultants, or company or organisation HR professionals who will be handling the feedback.

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