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How we operate
Global B2B Service

Strategic alliance with Bioss International

Global Associate Network

Analysis programs can be passed on to client organisations


How We Operate

EDAC is a global B2B service, offering a suite of psychometric and other instruments designed primarily to assist in management development. EDAC is Internet-based, with a methodology carefully developed to ensure service provision in all regions of the world.

The EDAC questionnaires are completed online, without using cookies and with no requirement to download anything to the candidate's computer.

EDAC and its strategic partner Bioss International support a Global Associate network trained and accredited to use the analysis programs and to give feedback. These Associates in turn work with their own clients, either by providing consultancy services or by passing the EDAC programs on to their clients to take 'in-house' after training and accreditation.

The number of Associates in any one region is determined by the needs of the marketplace. We are always open to enquiries from other established consultancies that are interested in adding EDAC instruments to their portfolios.