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Training & Accreditation
Regional training provided by Global Associates

EDAC follows ITC Guidelines

Instruments supported by comprehensive Training Manuals and interactive Training Packages

Regular Practitioner reviews maintain standards


Training & Accreditation

Our Global Associates are responsible for training and accrediting EDAC practitioners in their regions in compliance with:

  • The International Test Commissionís International Guidelines on Computer-Based and Internet Delivered Testing (2005).
  • The EDAC Global Practice that establishes overall training standards, accreditation routines and refresher requirements.
  • National and/or regional professional ethics, standards and data protection routines as established by local professional and regulatory bodies.

Please contact EDAC or the Global Associate for your region for further information.

A Guide to Practitioner Requirements

EDAC deals exclusively with computer-based instruments that are supported via the Internet. Training is conducted in 2 to 5 day sessions depending on practitioner experience and the instruments to be used. There is normally a probationary period following initial training before full accreditation is granted.

Practitioners are likely to be experienced consultants and/or company or organisation HR professionals. There is normally no requirement for formal psychological training above and beyond the level equating to the British Psychological Society's Certificates of Competence in Occupational Testing. Any such training above this level is of course a significant bonus, and may indeed be a requirement of certain national regulatory bodies.